We have a Document Library with Document Sets, each containing a bunch of Documents on employees.

An employee should only be able to view specific file(s) within their Document Set.

A number of groups should be able to view everything (The employee's Document Set and all Documents within).

Permissions, inheritance, and assignments were messed up. The solution is to reset everything.

Using PowerShell, I am able to restore Inheritance (recursively) from the Document Library, which will grant the Groups that need to see everything the correct access.

Then I break the inheritance between the Documents, the Document Sets, and Document Library.

In order for an employee to view and edit the documents they need to edit, I must share the a) Document Set, b) the Document. However, when I share the Document Set with them, all documents within the Doc Set are shared with them (which is incorrect) even though I had broken the inheritance between the Documents and their parent Document Set.


1- Is there a way I can share a Document Set level with a user without sharing the documents within this Doc Set?

2- Is it possible to use Powershell to share Documents with specified user groups?

Thanks for any feedback.


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