Is it possible to know the latest KB (Security update & SP), the previous KB and next KB that has been installed on the server ?

I face difficulty to understand because it is not in sequence.


You can look at Programs and Features -> View installed updates in the Control Panel on each Windows server for what updates have been applied and when.


I find this blog post from Stefan very useful in understanding. He has similar articles around patching SharePoint environments.

Finding the right Patch Number - Stefan Blog

To quote : We have seen that the only reliable source to check if a specific patch has been installed is the “Manage Patch Status” page in the Central admin. Even this page does not directly expose to you if all fixes in a specific CU have been installed. It is required to check all the components individually.

The learning is that there is no single version number in SharePoint which would reliably tell you the patch level for a server or a server farm.

If you are facing the challenge to determine if your server is has specific fixes installed you should start with the Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features which will list all the fixes installed on the box and on top the “Manage Patch Status” page in the Central admin to verify the patch status on the different servers.


You could go to CA-> Upgrade and Migration-> Check product and installation status, you would see the details there.


To check the CU on your server you need to follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Navigate to the control panel and select Programs from the panel. enter image description here

  2. Select the View installed updates and all KB articles will start showing up . enter image description here

For tracking,you can compare the dates and accordingly you will know the older and newer updates.

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