I have a situation where I need to automatically update an Outlook distribution list with the current members. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Team SharePoint site with Contact List is source of truth
  • Contact list constantly updates
  • Site Owner/Team Point Person updates her individual distribution lists in Outlook
  • SO/TPP then emails updated DLs to 3 other team members so they can drag-and-drop to update their personal DLs

We want to streamline this process. Because there are so many updates to the Contact List, the steps of sending/dragging/dropping eats up too much time.

I can connect the Contact List to Outlook, but I still need to get the updates from the shared Outlook contacts to each admin's personal Outlook contacts. I'm wondering if I can do that with a macro.

Here's what I would like to do:

  • Write a macro that runs automatically when Outlook is opened
  • Macro will copy contacts from shared account and paste them in the individual DL list
  • Macro will copy contacts by Category and update individual account DL based on name (DL Name = Category)

Is this possible?

If this solution isn't the best solution, what do you recommend? FYI, we will be transitioning to O365 and PowerApps, so if PowerApps can solve the problem, we are happy to wait.

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