I have to open my word document which is present in SharePoint library in client word application, but it should open as a new document that mens original document behaves like a template from which new document will take content and open as new. Currently we are using content type where we have given the url of the base document which will allow us to open that document as new see below,

enter image description here

But each time we have to click on drop down to select the document and we dont want to use it.

I am using SharePoint modern experience thats why i can not use script inside web part to do that and also i don't have any server side coding to do this.

I got the following url which we can put in browser which will open given document in client word application but this is not a valid hyper-link or navigation link so can not use it.


I also tried to put dotx file in SharePoint library and tried to navigate it but it either opens it in edit mode or downloads it.

So can anyone help me to do this?

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