My search crawl is not working for my local site. On my Crawl Log I see a warning:

Item not crawled due to one of the following reasons: Preventive crawl rule; Specified content source hops/depth exceeded; URL has query string parameter; Required protocol handler not found; Preventive robots directive. ( This item was deleted because it was excluded by a crawl rule. )

Important information:

  • I just moved all my content databases to a newly installed Sharepoint on a new server
  • I am running Sharepoint Server 2019 Standard
  • When I change the address in the content source to full FQDN, the search works partially with many 401 warnings
  • The address in question is https
  • Same address with sps3 gets crawled successfully with no issues
  • There is no robots.txt file in the site

I tried and checked everything I could think of, including:

  • I checked that the default access account has access to the website
  • I browsed the website ( using a browser ) while being logging in using the default access account
  • I made sure there are no crawl rules
  • I created a new crawl rule to include the affected URL
  • I did "index reset"
  • I disabled loopbackCheck
  • I used Fiddler to monitor the traffic, the crawler is not even accessing the site

If you have any suggestions, please advice.

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After two days of trying and failing, I solved the issue by cleaning up the content databases from missing features.

I had to manually uninstall all missing features using:

stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id <GUID> -force

After doing that the crawler started crawling again. But I don't know which feature in particular was causing the issue.

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