we have a modern team site collection, and we want to add a library to store our company pictures such as event pictures, social pictures, etc.

now inside our modern team site, we have 2 main templates we can use:-

  1. Document library

  2. Picture Library

enter image description here

now based on my search i found that both offer these similar functionalities:-

  1. allow us to have minor/major & approval.

  2. both offer these list views rendering:-

enter image description here

  1. both templates will work with these modern web parts:-

    • document library web part

enter image description here

  • Image Gallery web part:-

enter image description here

  1. both will show a slider if we click on an image

but i found the following main differences.

Document library

  1. it is been more widely used, for example when we create a new modern team or modern communication site we will get all the built-in libraries as document libraries

enter image description here

  1. inside communication modern sites,we do not have the option to add Picture library. so can i say Picture library is somehow obsolete (at-least compared to document libraries)

Picture library

  1. the main features are that it provide some content types and columns which are beneficial for pictures such as the "Picture Size", "Height" and "Width" , which will show the dimension of the pictures:-

enter image description here

so not sure for us should we use Picture or Document library? based on my research Picture libraries provides a ready-made content types for pictures, but document libraries seem to be more widely used, keeping in mind that modern communication sites does not provide (by default) the option to add Picture libraries. finally i want to avoid adding a document library and add the picture content types to them. i am trying to compare the built-in Picture and Document libraries.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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