I am trying to use infopath for a service support type portal, as part of this I have:

A "Requests" SharePointList An infopath form asking for a users requirements using the above

In this form I want the requirement field from the user to populate another column in the Requests list from a lookup. The result of which will then be the assigned to and will send an email to the relevant individual.

For example:

User Requirement = Google Issue

Look up List states Google issue = Ron@email.com

In my requests List i have an Assigned to field that I want to be filled with the above e.g. Ron@email.com

An email then goes out informing the Assigned to.

My research:

I have looked into setting up rules as an action to set the field value for my Assigned to field setting up a data connection to my look up table and then trying to add a filter to achieve the goal but am so far falling short, and am not sure even if this is the best method going forward?


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