so what is happening is that I have a document called WfD Activity Host Organisation Agreement (Individual Hosted Activity).docx. This document appears in search results from the Home page of the SharePoint site when searching Individual or Hosted and is the only result that appears, as was expected of the search term.

The problem however, is that the document does not appear in searches where it should when there are more than 1 result. ie: When searching for WfD a multitude of documents show up, but not this document.

The document's title property is the same as its name (without the extension). The document also appears in the Query builder when testing the query with wfd.

Here is the query template I am using for search, with the site title omitted for privacy.

{SearchBoxQuery} (Title:{SearchBoxQuery} OR Filename:{SearchBoxQuery}) SiteTitle="My Site Title" {searchTerms}

When testing the query the query text is shown as:

wfd (Title:wfd OR Filename:wfd) SiteTitle="My Site Title" wfd wfd -ContentClass=urn:content-class:SPSPeople

As you can see, highlighted in yellow below, the document appears in the query builder, and the image below it shows that same search query when searching for the document live..

Looking to rectify this issue with your help, I hope I have been descriptive enough!

Query Builder Screenshot

enter image description here

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Try to use Search Query Tool to check if you can get the results when set the Trim Duplicate option to disable.

If so, you need to query with more unique text to get the result.

Or there is a workaround to search in the search center to edit the search result web part to group the refiner by documentsignature, more information check the blog below: Search Results and Duplicate Detection in SharePoint Online

  • Thank you for your assistance! The document signatures seem to be duplicated and is causing issues as you suggested. Cheers!
    – acta
    Jul 2, 2019 at 0:49

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