I am trying to create a quick link to a folder on our share drive:

enter image description here

Does O365 SharePoint not support links to file drives anymore?

How can I create a link to our drive???



You can't link to a drive letter in SharePoint Online, as far as I know. You might be able to use a UNC-style link, e. g.


You cannot use either the file:// protocol or UNC paths in SharePoint Online. The field will let you input a file:// or UNC path, but after submission, when you click on the link or view the page source:

  1. If you used the file:// protocol, the ‘file://‘ is completely replaced by https://,
  2. If you used a UNC path, all of the back slashes are converted to forward slashes with https:// prepended to the path.

The above applies even if you attempt to escape the UNC path’s backslashes like this: Original UNC path: \server\shared-folder Escaped UNC path: //\server/\shared-folder The escaped UNC path will result in only forward slashes appearing in the link, prepended by https://

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