If condition is status 1, workflow will send an email but if an action was not done, I need to send a follow-up email that is why I used 'pause until' action.

My problem is when an action is done and I changed the condition to status 2, workflow is still in the pause mood since it was triggered above.

How will the workflow ignore the pause action when condition has changed?

Will greatly appreciate your advise on this.

Thank you.


  • Can you attach a screenshot of your workflow? – Mihail-Florin Popa Jun 28 at 0:18
  • @mihail-florin popa, here's the code: If Current Item:Status equals Assigned to line manager for action Email Current Item:Manager Pause Until Current Item:FollowUp Date equals Today Then Email Current Item:Manager If Current Item:Status equals Report submitted by line manager Email Current Item:Manager – Resty Bautista Jul 2 at 10:13

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