I am currently working on a migrated 2019-farm. Migration was 2010->2013->2016->2019 in one flow.

Now, I find the old CoreResultsWebPart not showing any results at all. Search is working fine and if I remove the CoreResultsWebPart and replace by using the new ResultScriptWebPart results are displayed.

Is it possible that the old CoreResultsWebPart is not working at all in 2019?

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The answer is "No": CoreResultsWebPart generally works, even in 2019. (This was my question, anyhow.)

The problem in my case seems to be that it can access SearchScopes which might be existing in the farm or not (depending on whether SSA was migrated or not) but I feel most of them do not work anymore (Some do, though). They SearchScopes can be used (if they were migrated) but can't be modified I'll go and replace all CoreResultsWebPart.


Yes, if you are migrating from 2010 there will be several webparts that no longer function in 2019. These must be removed and replaced with 2019 webparts as you discovered.

  • That's not it. I finally managed to get a simple CoreResultsWebPart working. The "error" has something to do with the migrated search configuration and this particular WebPart. I'm still investigating, though.
    – Nils
    Jul 1, 2019 at 8:38

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