I was able to connect to my on prem SharePoint 2013 server list, but since we migrated to SharePoint online i no longer get it to connect. I am getting access is denied error.

Account i am using has full access to both SQL and SharePOint site. What am i doing wrong here.


Your reports will not work with SharePoint Online as a data source because SSRS 2016 Report Builder is not able to use claims based authentication, which is what SharePoint Online uses. SharePoint List Connection Type SSRS

Explanation of claims based authentication

Sorry, I'm dealing with the same thing right now and I've spent half the day researching :(

  • Have you come across any workaround that works. – allegro octopus Jul 18 at 15:56
  • Also does is apply to sharepoint online too? – allegro octopus Jul 18 at 15:57

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