Need some suggestions if anyone used a good reasonably priced already made site template for branding (i.e. shortpoint.com). The one i put in the example looks good but i never received any emails from the sales team.

We are under severe budget cut and I need to re-brand the main portal page. Please reply with the site name so i can make a list for my boss and also evaluate them. I would really appreciate it if you are happy with the template or theme for branding.

there is another one emgage but it's like 22k a year for support.

Also I created term store drive mega menu but it's only for a given site collection. Is there any good 3rd party for mega menu for sharepoint?

Please suggest any 3rd party for template. .....

  • no body? I really need some guidance and input. – Ruby Trustit Jul 10 at 18:11

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