I've seen that is possible to create an anonymous link to access items in a document library using the "Share" button available in Modern UI. I've noticed that is now possible to create password protected anonymous link (I don't know when it has been implemented, but it's a great news for me!).

Now, I would like to loop through a document library where there are about 300 folders and then I would like to create anonymous sharing links via REST API. These links should be saved in a list. It doesn't seem hard to do, but now that the "password protection" is enabled, I would like to generate a password protected link.

I'm looking at CreateAnonymousLink method, that is available using REST API, but it doesn't seems to have a property to set the password.

Is is possible to create password protected anonymous links via API? Is the method documentation not yet updated on the Microsoft website? Is the password property not yet implemented on SharePoint REST API?

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