I have a Multi-Select column labeled Email that allows users to select multiple email addresses populated from an external Sharepoint list. I then get their choices and update a single-text column with their choices, commas delimited. This is what that column contains for example:

test@gmail,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

What is the best method to separate each email without the colon into different columns? I have tried looking into different functions using Calculated Columns, but I'm not sure how to handle more than two email addresses.

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You will need to create a workflow to split the values.

The workflow will only need one action and can be written as a 2010 or 2013 style workflow. Add a Set Field in Current Item action and select the data from the Choice column using “Choices, Comma Delimited”.

enter image description here

The "Lunch Choices" column and the "Lunch to Order" column below look the same, but the first is a Choice column and the second is a Single Line of Text column.

enter image description here

(I know the example does not have email addresses... :-) I stole the screen captures from my SharePoint Calculated Columns book.)

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