In my new_form I tryed redirect to another page after press save or cancel button, but the attribute "RedirectUrl" don't work... (I remember that this worked perfectly in olds projects..)

my code:

<SharePoint:SaveButton runat="server" ControlMode="New" id="savebutton2" RedirectUrl="URL_destino"/>

Some ideia to redirect url after save or cancel event?

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In the URL, you need to add Source, so for instance:

https://<SPUrl>/sites/<siteUrl>/lists/<listName>/Forms/newForm.aspx?Source=<Redirect URL>


https://<SPUrl>/sites/<siteUrl>/<documentLibraryName>/Forms/newForm.aspx?Source=<Redirect URL>

Please see the alternate approach at Redirect Users to Thank You page from NewForm.aspx after form submission. The same will apply if cancelled.

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