i have a parent site site-1 and few subsites like subsite-1,subsite-2,subsite-3. in subsites am stopped inheritance permission from parent site. so here my requirement is different permissions for parent site and every subsite.

subsite-1 users can't access parent site and other subsites. but when am added user in subsite-1 he is unable to login in subsite-1. am getting message like access denied and i sent request and approved also to login. but still the user unable to login to subsite-1.

Awaiting approval. We'll let you know about any updates. am getting this same message if am given full control permission to subsite-1.

  • Sometimes there might be resources like style sheets and other js files in the custom master page that is stored in the parent site. Do you have any of those ?
    – Arvi
    Jun 24, 2019 at 5:15

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Go to Subsite with site collection admin access, Site Settings - > Site Permission -> Check Permission

First thing you should see if user has permission set, if not grant permission from here..definitely you are missing something very basic because it should work without issue.

enter image description here


I did tests in my environment, but I didn't reproduce your situation.

I suggest you remove users with this condition from subsite and then add them again.

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