I am managing a SharePoint site and realise that under Permissions I have a lot of documents that have unique permissions.

After checking, I realise this is due to the way the users share the document where it will create unique permission to the folder.

I have some folders that have restricted access but these are changes done by me. But the rest of the 50 over documents/folders shown with unique permissions are done by users.

I am wondering if changing the users' permission can result in a neater permission management. At the moment the members are using the default 'Edit' permission.

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There is a site level Permission Role called Manage Permissions

You will need to make a new permission level with Manage Permissions unselected if you want to limit all users from being able to break inheritance.

For Instance Contribute(without Manage Permissions), and assign that to users or groups

Reference: User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint Server

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