I have a few AD Security Groups (containing about 250 - 300 people in each group). I am looking for a solution to add and remove the AD Security Group to/from the SharePoint's "Line Item" permissions.

I have checked a few solutions that add a person/persons to SharePoint's "Line Item" permissions. (But this alone doesn't help)

Is there any possible solution to achieve this? Either by JSOM/ SharePoint Designer Workflow/ MS Flow?

Kindly Help! Thank you. :)


You want to add/remove AD group to/from list item automatically?

You can use a SharePoint 2010 platform workflow to achieve it. In your workflow, you can use Impersonation Step and use "Remove List Item permissions" or "Replace List Item Permissions" action to remove or replace AD groups' permission.

A blog for your reference: How to give item level permission through SharePoint workflow?

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