I would like to add a button that appears on a SPO Modern Document Library that states "Create a new folder structure". (see below image).

enter image description here

When clicked I would like that button to:

  1. Prompt the user to enter a Name and hit OK.
  2. Create a pre-defined folder structure of multiple sub-folders where the top-most folder is the name they entered in the above step.

E.g. the end outcome is a folder structure as below.

  • "My Folder Name I entered"
    • Sub-Folder 1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.2
    • Sub-Folder 2
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 2.1
    • Sub-Folder 3

I'm not quite sure where to even start...How might I go about achieving this from a no-code and code perspective..?

Could this be achieved with a combination of Flow + PowerApps?


If I go down the path of SPFx, is there any good starting point examples that someone could point me to build from?

p.s: I'm aware of Document Sets and creating a Folder that is copy and pasted as solutions, however I'm more interested in something custom.


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Below is what you need to do.

  • Create SPFx extension of type List View Command Set
  • Location of Command set should be set to ClientSideExtension.ListViewCommandSet.CommandBar
  • Use OnExecute Method to prompt dialog which take inputs from user as folder name
  • Use REST API to create Folder and subfolders as per your requirement

Below are reference links to get started

  • Create your SPFx extension using this link
  • Use OnExecute method provided in this sample
  • Using rest api to create folder follow this link

Below is sample onExecute method to use

    public onExecute(event: IListViewCommandSetExecuteEventParameters): void {
      switch (event.itemId) {
        case 'COMMAND_1':
          Dialog.alert(`Clicked ${strings.Command1}`);
        case 'COMMAND_2':
          Dialog.prompt(`Clicked ${strings.Command2}. Enter something to alert:`).then((value: string) => {

          throw new Error('Unknown command');

Hope this helps..


You can actually do this with Flow and PowerApps (except no button in the actual library)

1) Create a PowerApps some thing like: enter image description here

1.1) Trigger the Flow(You can disable the button after it is click and other validation as needed) enter image description here

2) Create a folder with a txt file (which can be deleted after structure is created) and folder structure will be ensured by SharePoint enter image description here

3) SharePoint Library - Folder Structure enter image description here

  • A couple follow-up questions. (1) Will this work in my situation as I have multiple Folders and Sub-Folders, 5 Folders in total with each one have 2-10 Sub-Folders. (2) How can I trigger the PowerApps form ? it doesn't necessarily need to be a button from the Document Library, can be a Quick Link web part or something accessible from the Homepage of the Team Site.
    – Ushka
    Commented Jun 19, 2019 at 20:09
  • Well I think this is what my Flow answer is doing, take the first name of the Folder and Create all sub-folders structure it doesn't matter how many sub folders. You can just create the sub folder structure you want in the compose action. 2) Like I am doing, go to PowerApps and create Flow. I will edit my answer a bit Commented Jun 19, 2019 at 20:21

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