What is the latest stable SharePoint 2013 Cumulative update?

CU`s from Nov - Feb, has these workflows issues, I am not sure if these are fixed as part of any latest CU.


It is recommended to always be on the CU which is 1 month prior to the current month.

That way you are on the most stable CU and aware of any issues or exceptions occurring due to the current month CU .

I have recently patched my SharePoint 2013 environment with the April 2019 patch and it looks the most stable patch right now .

Following is the information for this patch :-

Build no - 15.0.5127.1001

Build name - April 2019

Component - SharePoint server 2013

KB - KB4464514

Let me know in case of any doubts.


Updates are displayed here: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/officeupdates/sharepoint-updates

The currently latest CU is KB 4464514 - April 2019

The problem you mentioned was not due to a SharePoint update but rather .net-Framework.

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