As stated here : Change the look of your SharePoint site, it is possible to add a site footer to your SharePoint Online site.

The problem is: I can't find the "Footer" section in the "Change the look" option. I've tried on both Team sites and Communication sites and I'm the owner of the sites.

Am I missing something ?


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SharePoint Communication sites have an out-of-the box footer control, which can be controlled either using UI elements or by using APIs. More information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/features/site-footer

Or you can refer to the methods provided in this link: https://support.shortpoint.com/support/solutions/articles/1000258742-getting-started-with-shortpoint-footer-for-sharepoint


There is no option for adding footer from OOTB settings in SharePoint online.

However, you can use Application Customizer extensions in SharePoint Online for such kind of requirements.

You can find the detailed example on how to add footer to your SharePoint site using Application Customizer in below article:

Use page placeholders from Application Customizer.

To read more about extensions in SharePoint online, check below documentation by Microsoft:

Overview of SharePoint Framework Extensions.


As suggested by ganesh,it is not available OOTB only way is to do using SPFx extension.

I have created this reusable solution which will provide you user interface via webpart to add header and/or footer on SharePoint online modern pages. Please refer below link, you will get documentation on how to deploy/install and use this solution.


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