I've created a site design based on a number of scripts in PowerShell (via Add-SPOSiteScript -> Add-SPOSiteDesign). This creates a design with a number of lists & views, and adds URLs to those lists to the site nav-menu.

However, I also want to add views to some of the lists to the homepage, e.g. to display recently added items from a number of the lists. Is this able to be achieved from a Site Design? Or does this need to be carried out as a manual step after I've created the site & applied the Site Design? I can't see any documentation about it on any of the pages that have got me to this point:

Additionally, when I create a new Communication site and choose my site design during the creation step, it sets the homepage to use the version from the Topic site design instead of the version from the Blank site design. Can this be configured in my site design script?

Thanks in advance


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