I want to create a Content Type based on Videos, but I noticed three Content Types in the Digital Asset Content Type Group. Video, Video Rendition, and Rich Media Asset.

Does anyone know the difference among these?


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Rich Media Asset Content type is inherited from Document and contains some metadatas for rich media, for example, image, video, audio. enter image description here

Video Rendition is inherited from Rich Media asset content type, and used to link to a video file to play. enter image description here

Video is System Media Collection which is built in by system.

When you create a Asset library, it will contains the following content types by default: enter image description here

If you upload a video into it in SharePoint Online, you will see it shows as folder: enter image description here

Click the folder, you will see: enter image description here

  • Is it still the recommended way to go with modern? I've read in several places that a plain document library should be used for videos and pictures. /?
    – Abhitalks
    May 1, 2020 at 8:29

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