Hi I trying to extract information about the rules that are applied to a number of InfoPath forms, and I am using Powershell to do so.

I have unpacked the template.xsn file, and found the manifest.xsf file that stores this data.

Using the Powershell [xml]$ProjectXmlFile = Get-Content manifest.xsf to get the xml data, I am struggling to identify the nodes correctly.

The nodes are identified using the "xsf:" precursor, for example:

<xsf:submit caption="Submit" disableMenuItem="no" onAfterSubmit="close" showStatusDialog="no">
    <xsf:errorMessage>The form cannot be submitted because of an error.</xsf:errorMessage>
    <xsf:davAdapter name="SharePoint Library Submit" submitAllowed="yes" overwriteAllowed="no">
        <xsf:folderURL value="../"></xsf:folderURL>
        <xsf:fileName value="my:Submit/my:ref" valueType="expression"></xsf:fileName>

How do I identify these nodes in order to get the information out as normal xml data (i.e. if the nodes didn't have "xsf:" prefixing them)?

This is what I've been trying to use:

foreach ($DataQuery in $ProjectXmlFile.'xsf:xDocumentClass'.'xsf:dataObjects'.'xsf:dataObject'.'xsf:query'.'xsf:sharepointListAdapterRW')
        Write-Host "DataQuery.name = $($DataQuery.'xsf:name')"

Or is there another reason that I can't access these nodes?

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