Rather than sending an email whenever an item is changed/created and the status is added/updated?

I have a list that has a list of jobs and a varying amount of variables that employees check off such as if it requires central notification or if it has a large investment. The Job status is essentially split between three columns one marking it ready for work (Yes/No) one marking it complete (Yes/No) and then a approval of the completion marking it as Approved/Rejected/Requires Review. I'll outline the overall process below:

  1. Group 2 Reviews the List and determines if a Job is Ready to be Worked.
  2. Group 1 receives a email when the job is marked Ready for Work by Group 2.
  3. Group 1 then completes the work and marks it complete and Group 2 gets an email of the completion mark.
  4. Group 2 is then required to review and mark the completed job as Approved/Rejected/Requires Review.
  5. Once Group 2 marks it appropriately Group 1 is responsible for moving ahead with updating records or meeting with Group 2 on why it was Rejected or what portion of the task requires Review.

Now what I want is that rather than send the emails once every step is completed it sends a weekly "reminder" to both groups of what items (Job and Job ID) need to be done meaning they are somewhere in the steps I outlined above. (Group 1 notified that jobs x y z are workable and group 2 receiving emails that job x y z has been worked and needs approval.

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I also experienced this kind of requirement.
To achieve this, You need to write the PowerShell script, that loops all the list items and collect the items based on your requirement and use send email command to set the email.

Then attach that script in the "Task Scheduler(Windows)" and set it to run on every week.

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