on our sharepoint we plan to replace our existing word documents with word templates. Most of the people use Internet Explorer 11, some use Chrome and some added the address as a network path to their wondows explorer.

When I try to open a template with sharepoint on IE it opens the template itself and not a new document. With Chrome the template gets downloaded and has to be opend again, which is also not a good sulution. Is there a way so that the template always opens a new document? This would be important since there are macros used in the document wich only work when a new document gets created.

Thank you for any advice

  • Which version of Sharepoint, and what does the link to the "new document based on the template" look like? Jun 15, 2019 at 11:02

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I have posted same type of question in this forum see below link i tried the url to open document,

Open existing word document in Client Application as a new document

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