To explain the concept, let's pretend I wanted to make lists of cocktails and ingredients.

First off, we have a list of ingredients (gin, rum, campari etc.) and columns of relevant information (cost, ABV, sugar content etc.). I also have a list of recipies. This list has a lookup column, where it looks up the ingredients, and presents the information I have about them in the list. This gives me a list that tells me "recipe A uses ingredients 1, 2, 3; recipe B uses ingredients 2, 4, 5"

But what do I do if I also want a list of what recipies the different ingredients are used in? As in, "ingredient 2 is used in recipes A, B, X, Y"? can I put a lookup column in the ingredient list that looks up what the lookup column in the recipe list looks up? If not, is there some other way to do what I want to do?

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