We are using Sharepoint to collaborate on a number of project documents, and we typically complete our team reveiws / squad checks with the track changes feature.

While we are editing the document, and until the user actively "saves" the file, the changes and comments will always be labelled with the user's unique ID (as set in their preferences).

As soon as the user "saves" the file they are working on, there is a loss of fidelity and all changes become attributed to "Author" (both comments and actual edits). This is the case for both files opened in "word online" and the full desktop application of word.

Is there something we can do to preserve the integrity of change tracking as far as the originating author's details for both comments and actual edits?

This would be incredibly useful as we are presently forced to put our initials in the comment and also add comments wherever we make substantive edits so that the final consolidator of the document can go back to the comment originators.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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