I have a flow which goes through a simple approval. Once the User's item has been approved, a new item is created within a separate (hidden) list. However, only once the initial item has been approved can the user get a reference from a separate application and then use that to input the reference within the original item.

Is there a way to send out an email post approval asking the requester for the reference number so that these "comments" can be placed within the hidden list for the specific item?

Many Regards!

  • Would you like to explain more about the reference number part? I am not pretty sure about you goal. When the flow is triggered, a new item is created in the hidden list, an email shall be sent, and what else shall be done? You want to get comments from the email reply and write the body to the newly created item in the hidden list? – jerry_MSFT Jun 12 at 7:44

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