I created a share point list and it will modified by 4 users, all of them should modified each input by confirming at their levels, I can not monitor their engagement because Share Point shows last modified user. Is there an option to figure out all modified users & time which they hv taken.?


An easy solution you can implement is to have a multi-line text field that can keep a rolling log of who modifies an item. Then use a workflow on modified to write the Modified and ModifiedBy time to the field. That way you can keep a rolling log in a field attached to that item. For Instance you would set the field in a workflow to

[Modified] - [ModifiedBy]

preserving the previous entries in the list and adding the new ones.

  • BigRaj , Thank You ,, can you explain more about it,, I am new one to share point.
    – Sameera
    Jun 11 '19 at 18:15

You can use the audit log reports.


but it can not be confirmed immediately.


Audit is good feature for this requirement.

enter image description here

While if you just want to monitor it for few users, you may configure Alert for this list/listitem.


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