I registered an app in Azure Active Directory and granted several privileges:

enter image description here

Then I got myself a bearer token by calling:


with the scope:


When I use that token to make an API call like:

https://infoinnobake.sharepoint.com/_api/search/query?querytext='contentclass:STS_Site contentclass:SP.Webb'&selectproperties='Title,Path'&rowlimit=500`

I only reveice 401 Unsupported app only token.

can some explain why?

Is it possible to access the SharePoint online API with an registered App on Azure AD?


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In Order to call SharePoint Online API using Azure AD Registered App, you need to Set up an Azure AD app for app-only access and grant the permissions to it.

Please read below article for more clarification:

Granting access via Azure AD App-Only.

Additional References:

  1. Connect to API secured with Azure Active Directory.
  2. Connect to Azure AD-secured APIs in SharePoint Framework solutions.

Many thanks to @GaneshSanap for providing me a solution. You need to create a self signed cert and upload it to the registered app in AAD. Follow this guide to do so:

Granting access via Azure AD App-Only.


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