Just wondering if you could help, I am looking to create a link to a file in a document library, essentially replicating this functionality:

New Link

I was hoping it would be simple to do this using PnP PowerShell I have tried the using the Add-PnPFile however this always expects a stream when running the command below.

Add-PnPFile -FileName "Something.url" -Folder "Folder 1"

Appreciate any help or advice that can be given.

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A demo for your reference:

$stream = [IO.MemoryStream]::new([Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes("[InternetShortcut]URL=https://www.bing.com"))

Add-PnPFile -FileName "Bing.url" -Folder "Shared Documents" -Stream $stream -Values @{_ShortcutUrl="https://www.bing.com"}

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