I recently extended my SharePoint 2013 web application and added ADFS as an authentication method on the new zone.

The Microsoft Office Word integration works fine and a user is able to open a document directly from a document library and edit and save it. When the user's ADFS token has expired and he clicks save he gets an error in Word stating "Upload Failed" and a button "Log in".

The error is seen in the following low quality image. It's in danish. Upload Failed In Fiddler and ULS logs I can see that the tokens lifetime has expired and the save request gets a response saying unauthorized.

  1. Is it expected behavior that Word doesn't trigger a re-authentication against the ADFS server to get a new token? We have Single Sign On and a browser refresh gets a new token instantly.

  2. The "Log in" button in the error message doesn't do anything when clicked. Am I missing some setup?

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