When I create a page in my Pages library using the ribbon or view selector "New document" I am not redirected to the newly created page. I am just redirected to the view I came from.

I found this thread which seems to be about the same issue and the answer there is to have the May 2013 CU applied. I'm not a system admin, but I'm pretty sure we have that installed.

I notice that when I use the ribbon or the list view New dropdown that there is a Source=site/Pages/Forms/MyView.aspx. If I remove it to create a link without the source parameter it does work!

How can I fix this without having to hand create links? I'm trying to set up a system for folks who aren't very SharePoint-y to be able to easily publish content.

I assume I won't be able to change the ribbon and the new dropdown, so is there any way I can create a custom CreatePage.aspx that will ignore the Source parameter?

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