I have installed and configured SharePoint using the "OLDFARMACCOUNT".
Unfortunately, i've created all the services including search services using that "OLDFARMACCOUNT". Later i got to know that there is a SharePoint rule, "You shouldn't use same account for FARM and SERVICES".

For this, I've created "NEWFARMACCOUNT" and add it to the Managed Account in the Central Administration. And changed the Farm Account to the "NEWFARMACCOUNT" under the "Configure Service Accounts" in the Central Admin.

After this change, i faced problem with the "Search Services", it shows login issue for the "NEWFARMADMINACCOUNT". Now i reset these changes.

Can anyone please let me know, is it okay to change the "FARMACCOUNT" after the installation?
If YES, Please share the exact steps to change the "FARMACCOUNT".

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Follow the steps below :-

Log into the Central Administration -> Security -> General Security -> Manage service accounts.

You will see a screen like this enter image description here

Use the Drop down to select appropriate service applications and change the account for them from list of options present under the "Select an account for this component".

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