I need to make a Caml query to filter a list from content type AND for a specific value from a list. For example, a content type ID and a field value "English" from the column "languages" will get all the data/rows from the list with said content type and where languages is equal to "English".

So far I have this:

         `<View><ViewFields><FieldRef Name='BannerImageUrl' />
        <FieldRef Name='intraSubhead' /><FieldRef Name='FileLeafRef' /><FieldRef Name='Title' />
        <FieldRef Name='intraContentCategory' /></ViewFields>
        <BeginsWith><FieldRef Name='ContentTypeId'/>
        <Value Type='ContentTypeId'>${contentTypeId}  //I load the content type here

        <FieldRef Name="intraLanguages" />
         <Value Type="TaxonomyFieldType">${currentLanguage} // value like "English" and so on.


As seen above I try to do filter with content type and a value in a taxonomy field (intraLanguages). It doesn't work. Any help?

  • Are you getting any error? If yes, please post it to your question. Also I can see the error in your query. Ending tags are not closed properly. Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 6:40
  • Your XML is malformed!
    – phuzi
    Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 16:18

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For Content Type:

You can add filter on Content Type using its name or Id as given below:

//Using Name of Content Type
    <FieldRef Name='ContentType'/>
    <Value Type='Computed'>YourCustomContentTypeName</Value>

//Using ID of Content Type
     <FieldRef Name='ContentTypeId' />
     <Value  Type='ContentTypeId'>YourContentTypeIdHere</Value>

For Managed Metadata field:

There are 2 methods to query a list/library that contains a managed metadata column:

  1. Query against Term Name
  2. Query Against WSSID

Method 1 (will look something similar to this):

 query.Query = @"<Where>
                      <FieldRef Name='" + MyTaxonomyFieldName + @"' />
                      <Value Type='Text'>" + tagName + @"</Value>


<Query><Eq><FieldRef Name=\"ManagedMetadata\"/><Value type=\"string\">brocoli</Value></Eq></Query>

Method 2:

query.Query = @"<Where>
                   <FieldRef LookupId='TRUE' Name='" + MyTaxonomyField + @"' />
                       <Value Type='Integer'>" + tagLookupID + @"</Value>

It is recommended to use the second method to avoid situations where the term name is used under different term groups.

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