Should Document library versioning be enabled when storing XML files? I know the advantages of turning it on for MS office documents. Does it do any good turning it on for XML files and folders?

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You can always get the benefits of versioning in SharePoint whether you are adding versioning on word documents or on XML files.

When to enable:

So whenever your file contents or its metadata going to be changed and you want to see the changes made or restore the previous version then you should enable versioning.


  1. Ability to audit the history of an item: Version history allows you to retrace the history of an item or a document, since the date and time it was first created till present.

  2. Ability to track metadata changes: Any metadata changes are perfectly visible in the version history log.

  3. Ability to track content changes: If you enable versioning on a document library, you can access any previous versions of the document just by clicking on a previous version link.

  4. Ability to restore previous versions: You can also restore older versions if need be.

  5. Ability to compare SharePoint versions: This is not necessarily a SharePoint feature, but more of a Word feature. Essentially what you can do is compare different SharePoint versions of the document in Word using MS Word Compare feature.


The benefits of versioning are the same no matter what type of file it is. You should use versioning when:

  • The contents of the document are going to change, and
  • You want to be able to have access to previous versions of the document, for whatever reason (to see what changed, restore to a previous version if the current version is no longer valid, etc.)

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