Having the following code in an application extension:

import {sp} from "@pnp/sp";

const shpList = sp.site.rootWeb.lists.getById(ListId);


I can create a folder inside a list. But I can only access it by typing the URL, it does not appear in the list view.

How can I make folders that are visible in the list?

Note that if I make a folder manually, it does appear.


Try using something like below:

const list = sp.web.lists.getById(ListId);
const folderName = 'My subfolder';
  FileSystemObjectType: 1,
  ContentTypeId: '0x0120'
  FileLeafRef: folderName

Reference: Folders and sub folders inside Generic List.

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You'd need an item of type folder (i.e. set listItemCreateInfo.UnderlyingObjectType to 1) to do this. Compare here.

I'm not sure how to do this in pnpjs, though.

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