I tried to add a wikipage in the wikipage library using the code provided by Vijai Anand Ramalingam on c-sharpcorner.com.

I'm copy-pasting the script here to avoid dead link issues preventing future readers from accessing it. I obviously replaced all the variables to allow the script to suits my local environnement.

$site=Get-SPSite $siteURL
$rootFolder = $list.RootFolder
$wikiPage = $rootFolder.Files.Add("/"+$rootFolder+"/Home.aspx", [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTemplateFileType]::WikiPage)
$wikiItem = $wikiPage.Item
$wikiItem[[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPBuiltInFieldId]::WikiField] = "Template Preview" 

This code is not working because it throws the following error:

You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression

$wikiPage = $rootFolder.Files.Add("/"+$rootFolder+"/Home7.aspx", [Microsoft.Sh ...



$wikiPage = $rootFolder.Files.Add("/"+$rootFolder+"/Home.aspx", [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTemplateFileType]::WikiPage)


$wikiPage = $rootFolder.Files.Add($rootFoler.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Home.aspx", [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPTemplateFileType]::WikiPage)

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