I have an excel sheet inside my PC, and I set its zoom to 50% and save it.

Then I uploaded it to our SharePoint online document library >> then I show it inside a modern page using "File Viewer" modern part.

But the problem is that the excel sheet is showing with extra zoom level, and did not preserve the zoom level saved inside the source excel sheet (50%). which caused the excel sheet to become hard to read inside the file viewer, as only small part of it will be shown inside the page , and users need to scroll horizontally to be able to view the columns, unlike when I set its zoom level to 50%.

So can anyone advice if I can control the zoom level for the excel sheet inside the "file viewer" modern web part?

If the answer is No, then what is the best way to view the excel sheet in this case?

Keeping in mind if I directly view the excel sheet inside the browser (by clicking on it inside the document library), they will face the same zoom level problem.

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