I'm creating a (subsite of a) Team Site using SharePoint Online. I have high-resolution video stored in an Asset Library. (Please do not suggest using Office 365 Video or Microsoft Stream. I'd love to, but my employer hasn't activated a license for this.) I've build a video library that works fine on Windows and Linux platforms using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. If I try to play back the same videos on an iPad Air running the current iOS, it pauses repeatedly ... for several minutes at a time. If I try to play back in Chrome on ChromeOS (latest main channel version) it never plays at all. It loads--you can see the progress bar indicating preloading--but never starts, and there's no way to start it. I can drag the slider to show individual frames, but it will not play. The original video is in 1920x1080, but SharePoint will adapt to bandwidth, at least with PC browsers. The option to change resolution is not even present on mobile browsers.

Frustrating. Any suggestions? I'm currently re-encoding the video to lower bitrate to see if that will help with the pausing on iOS.

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