We have a training/learning site based on a SP 103 Pages library. Content creators have varying levels of SharePoint skills. Additionally we only have Site Collection admin level access. So we can't implement any back-end/event-receiver kind of solutions.

We want to surface documents on a page of content that refers to the documents. For example we might have directions on how to do a meeting agenda and we provide a filled out agenda pdf as an example and a word template they can download and use going forward. So in our pages library we will have:

  • How to do a meeting right.aspx
  • Meeting agenda example.pdf
  • Meeting agenda template.dot

All three of those also have custom metadata attached. And there will be hundreds of these types of resources and they will be created by people with varying levels of SharePoint knowledge.

Searching the web I found suggestions of using a list view of the library, but I'm not sure how that would filter the correct/related documents and having the author easily match them up.

I also found this tutorial about using Content Search or Content Query web parts. In both cases that seems to fiddly and tricky for an average content admin to pull off unless I can set it up in some way as a default webpart on the page layout.

The author could just put a link in, but this has problems if files are added or deleted or given a new name.

Is there a way this can be automated or made "fool proof"? And easy way for a content author to create a new page, upload some docs, and have them appear on the correct page?

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