Can't get the syntax right to update a SharePoint multiperson column.

some variables:

iArray // = array of multiple user ids
sArray = iArray.join(); // string of multiple user ids
json1 = "{'results': [" + iArray + "]}";
json2 = "{'results': [" + sArray + "]}";

hardcoding ids works:

data: JSON.stringify({
'From_x0020_ContactsId': {'results': [9,25]},
'__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.Data.Lib_x005f_RFI2Item' }

trying to pass an array or string, doesn't work:

'From_x0020_ContactsId': json1,
'From_x0020_ContactsId': json2,
'From_x0020_ContactsId': {'results': ["" + iArray + ""]},
'From_x0020_ContactsId': {'results': ["" + sArray + ""]},
'From_x0020_ContactsId': "{'results': [" + fIdArray.join() + "]}",
'From_x0020_ContactsId': {'__metadata': { 'type': 'Collection(Edm.Int32' }, 'results': iArray},

always primitive or Edm32 error. Suggestions?


As always, after struggling for hours on an issue then posting to StackExchange, I figure out the answer minutes later. I should have just passed the array as below, works for updating single or multiple users in this field:

'From_x0020_ContactsId': {'results': iArray},

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