I have unique trouble with opening file in explorer mode. When clicked, it opens a new IE window instead of a file explorer (with no error message). I noticed that this problem only applies to one computer while the other with same settings is able to open it in file explorer.

Tried solutions:

  • I have added sharepoint to trusted sites and compatibility view.
  • Webclient is running
  • ActiveX is enabled
  • IE version 11

I've been checking around without finding similar issues. Let me know if you know to work this out, thanks!

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You can check the following settings:

  1. Restart WebClient Service

  2. Make sure you use 32-bit version of IE.

  3. Make sure the “SharePoint Export Database Launcher”, “SharePoint OpenDocuments Class” and “SharePoint Stssync Handler” are enabled via IE->Tools-> Manage Add-ons.

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