I am using an iPad to upload files to a SharePoint library from OneDrive.

The SharePoint Online library is using modern experience.

The added file names are changed after upload. A GUID is prepended to the file name.

eg. file uploaded with name: testc3.docx.

Filename modified to 817BFD26-C1E2-4384-9663-1D9C59EC9C4Etestc3.docx

Anybody any ideas how I can prevent this from happening?

Everything works fine on PC.

view after uploading files on ipad

On classic mode (2013) the upload button is disabled so cannot upload a file at the library level.

On classic mode (2010) the Add Document allows you to add a file but same result. ie filename gets modified.

Tried on OOB multiple libraries - same result

also chose to add file from IOS photos library - same result so not restricted to onedrive.

Fired up the Sharepoint App.

On side menu clicked Files and navigated to folder. (assume this is accessing by the app) Clicked + on top right - only option is Create New Folder. Can't see any option to upload a file

Returned to home menu and clicked on home on sidenav. This accesses via the browser and allows me to upload a file but with the prepended guid on the filename.

Has anybody uploaded a file to a Sharepoint library other than from another Sharepoint library on an iPad and if so please outline steps taken

  • Check whether the issue exists in other libraries when upload files from ipad. Check whether the issue exists in classic experience when upload files from ipad. May 28, 2019 at 7:25
  • I cant add comments, but are you uploading using the app? or a browser? May 30, 2019 at 13:19
  • are you uploading using the app? or a browser? - @Ravi Kothari May 30, 2019 at 13:26

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I posted this issue on the Microsoft Community site Post

I did not change anything but now am unable to reproduce the issue and everything works as expected ie filename is no longer been modified

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