I have a spfx extension where I need to get terms from a TermSet which is not available for tagging. I am trying to use the terms for custom Footer Navigation Links. Currently I am using PNP JS to retrieve the terms which works as expected when "Available for Tagging" is checked. Below is the code

const termstore:ITermStore=taxonomy.getDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore();
const termGroup:ITermGroup=await termstore.getSiteCollectionGroup().get();
const terms: (pnpITermData&pnpITerm)[] =await termGroup.termSets.getByName("<TermSet Name>").terms.get();

Once "Available for Tagging" option is unchecked from the Termset, no results are returned.

How to get the termset that has available for tagging unchecked? Is there any parameter I could pass to include those termset as well? Any help is appreciated

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