I have a requirement to setup custom notifications (weekly newsletter or updates of sites which user follow or has access) in SharePoint Online.

For example - There are 17K+ users in my current tenant and each user might be following some sites and has access to around 100+ sites. So, Users are expecting a consolidated summary report (weekly updates or newsletter) with the details of changes every week in his/her email.

  • Weekly Updates/Newsletter from Sites/List/Library/Content- Which user is following

  • Weekly Updates/Newsletter of Sites/List/Library/Content- Where user has access

  • Weekly Updates/Newsletter of Sites/List/Library/Content - Which user has added/Updated in this week

Could you please let me know if anyone has come across this requirement and if any OOTB solutions are available to handle this.

Note: Alert Me option is not helpful in this case as it'll send updates of each list, we need consolidated weekly summary in a single email.

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There is no OOTB functionality that meets your requirements.

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