I encountered a problem, that it displays only empty square boxes instead of nice (custom font) images from generated Office UI Fabric icons set, since I change the state of the with the web-part to checked-in state.

I have checked in google chrome developer tools,that the style inside icons-likes-inline.css is presented there (including the @font-face element), but it shows the square box(es)! And since I checked out the page and leave the edit mode I can see the icons again... ??

in detail: the css is added through custom Item_DisplayTemplate (I have tried to do it also in paired Control_DisplayTemplate.html)

 $includeCSS(this.url, "~sitecollection/Style Library/MyCustomFeature/fabric-icons-likes-inline.css");

(the icons-likes-inline.css is published, also the Item_DisplayTemplate.html is e.g. in published/ or just in checked-in states)

The picture below shows the several screen shots from the chrome developer tools grabbed in time it was ok - and then comparing it in page checked-in state the developer tool produces the exactly the same results in all) ??

sp online custom font square box troubles

(Also didn't work in IE.) Any Idea?

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Using of non-inline variant has helped.

$includeCSS(this.url, "~sitecollection/Style Library/MyCustomFeature/fabric-icons-likes.css");

I don't know why exactly it works. It could be, that the (asynchronous) fetching the font data helped. Then it could mean, that $includeCSS does not work with the custom inline fonts perfectly well - the CSS part might not well prepared at moment of AddPostRenderCallback when trying to update the page DOM structure.

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