I want a SP D workflow to run each day, that will update a SPO List.

Is there any articles that gives the step by step process to achieve this? I found many posts but stuck at somewhere

environment: am using SP online.


Two ways for your reference:

  1. use Information Management Policy-Retention rule to trigger the workflow like: enter image description here

  2. create a Windows Scheduled Task to trigger the workflow daily.

Sharepoint Online Powershell script to run a list workflow

How to Automate PowerShell Scripts with Task Scheduler

  • client doesnt have subscribed to the O 365 SPO IMR serv9oce.-Azure info,protetion service. so that rules out. how to run the sp o powershell ? – SaMolPP May 21 at 10:57

You can make a Flow witch runs once a day, and starts your workflow by rest call to SP. http://www.benprins.net/2016/12/30/sharepoint-2013-workflow-start-a-workflow-using-a-rest-call/

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